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Updates do Windows e reboots

Será que ninguém para as bandas de Redmond percebe que, após um update que requeira um reboot, se o utilizador diz que não quer fazer o reboot e que o pretende fazer mais tarde, não adianta nada e é contra producente fazer aparecer um pop-up a cada cinco minutos para se fazer o reboot.
Hoje aconteceu-me isso quando estava a fazer uma tarefa que exigia muita concentração. Com as interrupçoes a produtividade foi para o tecto e o PC quase saiu pela janela!

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Remover branches “fechados”

Does it make sense to svn rm an old branch after it’s merged back to the
trunk, or not? I’m thinking about doing that so only active branches are
present in my project’s branches/ directory. Of course the old branch
would still be available if you knew the revision before it was deleted.
Or I could make an branches/attic directory and move it under there. Has
any best practice been developed in this area yet?

The Subversion developers tend to do that in our own repository. It’s
nice to be able to see what branches are actually in use just by looking
at the branches/ directory in HEAD, and as you say, you can always go
back to the old versions if you so desire.

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